About our services

These are the frequently asked questions about the services we offer. This page is intended to be a basic guide to help familiarize you with web hosting, web design, and search engine optimization.


Hosting FAQ

What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is the backbone of every website. Every time you visit a web page, your browser downloads information (the website) from a server behind the scenes (the web host).

Do I need a web host?

Yes. If you want a website, a web host is required. If you’d rather not outsource web hosting to a third party company (like us), then you have the option of buying and maintaining your own server. That is, you have the option of being your own web host. Many large corporations, like Coca-Cola, manage their own servers internally.

Should I buy my own server?

If you have an IT professional on payroll, it might be a good choice to buy your own server. Otherwise, we can’t recommend it. Maintaining a server and hosting your own website requires constant monitoring and a solid understanding of web hosting technology.

Are all web hosting companies created equal?

No. In fact, there is a wide spectrum of quality when it comes to web hosting companies. Most are low-cost providers (if you’re interested in low-cost providers, we recommend Hostgator), and then there are the select few premium service providers, like us, that cost slightly more, because they offer much better service and support.

Should I spend the extra money on a premium web host?

If you are confident in your ability to upload your website and maintain your own server space, it may be smart to purchase a low-cost hosting package. Again, we recommend Hostgator for low-cost hosting. However, if you would like your hosting company to handle all the technical details, hosting your site with us is the better option.

How should I select a web hosting package?

Our best deal, hands down, is the Proximity Package. However, if you don’t need web design (e.g. if you have a web designer, or if you would like to design your own site), then you have three hosting packages to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Gold package is optimal for most small businesses, but feel free to contact us for help selecting the package that’s right for you.


Web Design FAQ

What is web design?

Every website you see on the Internet has to be designed. A lot happens behind the scenes. Web design is the process of designing and creating websites.

How are websites designed?

There are a number of ways to design a website. Some are designed from scratch (usually very basic websites, coded in HTML), and some are designed using templates and a CMS (Content Management System).

What is a CMS?

A CMS, or Content Management System is software. The software is hosted on a server, and is used to easily design and manage a website. We highly recommend using a CMS, especially for small business websites and blogs. We use a CMS to create websites for all of our clients. A CMS allows us to create professional websites that are easy for our clients to manage, even with no knowledge of programming or web design.

What is the best way to design a website?

There is no best way to design a website. The best way to design your website depends on your resources and your needs. That said, we recommend using a CMS.

What is the most cost-effective way to design a website?

A CMS is the most cost-effective way to design a website, hands down. The three most commonly used CMS softwares are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Do I need to hire a web designer if I’m going to use a CMS?

If you have the time and will to learn the necessary skills, you can absolutely create a website on your own. That said, it’s not easy to create a customized, professional website with no prior experience. We have plenty of experience, and we never overcharge for our services. We design top notch websites on the WordPress platform for as little as $150.


Search Engine Optimization FAQ

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of optimizing a website to land higher in search engine rankings. The end goal of SEO is to get more traffic through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo (note: Google is the undisputed king of search, accounting for over 60% of all search traffic)

How can I optimize my website?

There is a long list of specific steps you can take to optimize your website. Essentially, everything boils down into two categories: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO includes things like putting keywords into your site’s content, using keywords for titles, and including hyperlinks to other pages of your website. Off-page SEO is primarily about getting other websites to link to yours.

Where should I start?

Google has a free beginner’s guide to SEO. That’s a great starting point. Just be warned: SEO takes a lot of work and perseverance. Be prepared to commit a lot of time if you want to successfully optimize your site. For most small business owners, we recommend outsourcing SEO. We offer low-cost options that have been tested time and time again to achieve noticeable results.

Is it hard to get my site into the top of Google’s search results?

It depends on the keyword. If you would like to rank for “oil change” then it could take years to reach the first page of Google. On the other hand, if you focus on the keyword “oil change Cary, NC” you could make the first page in a matter of months.

Will I see results quickly?

No. Typically, it takes a few weeks for the major search engines to see and process the changes. Also worth noting is the fact that the age of a domain name (i.e. how long ago the domain was purchased) is a factor in search rankings — older domains are a boon in SEO.

Why is SEO important?

Quite simply, SEO builds trust. When Google directs a visitor to your site, you automatically earn the trust of that visitor. Then there’s the obvious: SEO is the largest source of web traffic for most websites. If you want to build a successful, high-traffic site, SEO must be a priority.